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Foreword of electron publication editor

Today the education and computer-aided technologies, present-day information content of instructional process in the pedagogical community and cultural-educational environment can be comprehensively integrated only in such a complicated product, as electronic edition or network information resources.

The represented electronic «Explanatory Monographic Music Dictionary» by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli pertains just to that kind of innovative products, which displays the educative informational resource, using modern information technologies. This is fundamentally a base-form of the electronic textbook. On the accepted subject-semantic level, the terminological dictionary-encyclopedia means that included in it information must be sufficient to the extent possible. In comparison with standards of educational printing of this class, the electronic publication is satisfactory not only to professional musicians, musical culture and science workers, but to the each of those virtual readers, who approaches.

On one hand, the presented information on traditional Azerbaijani music or the terms, tempo, widely used in musical practice, is adequate to the printed form of the edition. On the other hand, as a product of multimedia creation of genres, it is characterized by corresponding service: references, hyperlinks, audio-visual-video graphic series, keyword search, etc.

The writing team of the electronic edition «Explanatory Monographic Music Dictionary» by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli hope the new encyclopedia can widely apply in delivery of distance learning for the remote educational institutions. Multilevel description of concepts, creation of the hyper textual covers, and ample quantity of didactic multimedia material create conditions for perceptual unity of music culture of Azerbaijan.

Working at the electronic edition «Explanatory Monographic Music Dictionary» by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli, the collective body of the «Musigi Dunyasi» referred to the “Concise Music Dictionary” by A.Doljhanski» (L. 1964), «Music Encyclopedia» (Moscow, «Soviet Encyclopedia», 6 volumes), «International Music Instruments» (Minsk, 2001) for additional information. At summing up, we should mention the «Explanatory Monographic Music Dictionary» by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli, as a curricular, scientific and educative network edition, allows free access to traditional knowledge of Azerbaijan for a virtual reader and catalyzes cross-disciplinary integration of the Internet-communities, knowledge and ideas of music science and culture of the East and the West.

Professor Tariel Mamedov.

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